Airtel offers ‘free’ data for Rs 1495 | False advertising


Airtel has just announced a new offer for its prepaid customers as a means of gratifying those who were taken in by the Reliance Jio data offers. According to the press release sent out by Airtel, they are offering a “special 4G data pack that offers free* data for 90 days.

While the pack is available for Rs 1495 for existing users; new users can avail this offer via first recharge of Rs 1495.” The release is worded rather cleverly, and a little asterisk is supposed to be the only warning of the conditions that apply.

For starters, the data isn’t free. You ARE going to pay Rs 1495 for the pack, which comes out to roughly Rs 500 per month. Secondly, you’re not getting unlimited 4G data. There is a data cap of 30GB on 4G, post which your speeds would be reduced to the 64Kbps.

In the age of high-speed internet, there’s nothing like trying to surf websites on dial-up era speeds. Effectively, you are paying just a little less than Rs50/GB of 4G data, which one could argue is better than the Reliance Jio offering because for the same price, you are getting faster bandwidth. What still doesn’t make sense is how any of this correlates to the word “free.”

How do we go about this? You buy a pack for Rs 1495 but what exactly do you get free? We reached out to Airtel for an explanation and turns out, the paltry 64Kbps speed you will get after exhausting your 30GB of LTE data is “free”. That’s like going to a five-star restaurant, paying for a meal and then seeking solace in the fact that the glass of water they served as you were welcomed into the posh establishment was “free”.

:Indian Express