AAP Rant: SAD-BJP to retain control over mines even after elections


Chandigarh: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) today alleged that the SAD-BJP government had allocated sand mines for five years instead of three to maintain its control over the mining business even after its “defeat” in the elections. It’s interesting that Punjab elections are still a few months away and AAP does not have a single MLA in the assembly. However, as is its wont, the party likes to make allegations to stay in news.

Dinesh Chadha, co-convener of AAP’s RTI wing, said in a statement that documents obtained under the RTI stated that the government recently allocated 90 mines in eight districts for five years till 2021, contrary to the policy of allocating mines for three years. He questioned why at its fag-end, the government had increased the tenure.

“As SAD-BJP leaders have already smelled their humiliating defeat in the upcoming Assembly elections, thus they violated the mining policy in the greed of continuing their control on the sand mafia even after losing the poll,” he alleged.

Out of the 90 mines, 19 were auctioned in Hoshiarpur, three in Jalandhar, six in Ludhiana, 12 in Mohali, 15 in Pathankot, six in Gurdaspur, two in Moga and four in Patiala district.

“It shows that the ruling alliance wants to continue its monopoly over the mining business,” he said, adding if voted to power, AAP would investigate such irregularities.