AAP Farmers’ Manifesto – Subsidies, Subsidies and more Subsidies!


AAP is mostly an urban party whose central leaders have rarely put a foot in the farms before. But that did not stop the party from telling everyone how it will change the farming.

Aam Aadmi Party released farmers’ manifesto in Moga on Sunday. Here are the main points of the manifesto that party leader Kanwar Singh Sandhu announced during the rally in Moga:

  1. By December 2018, we will try to stop farmer and farm labour suicides in Punjab.

  1. Around 25k crore is non-bank loan on farmers. AAP will reuse Sir Chhotu Ram Act 1934.

  2. Land or house of farmer will not be seized by banks for loan non-payment.

  3. Rate of interest by commission agents will not exceed 11% per annum.

  4. Bank debts of farmers, Dalits, labour will be waived off

  5. Compensation for loss of total crop will be fixed at Rs 20,000 per acre.

  6. Swaminathan report will be implemented by 2020

  7. Land acquired for SYL canal will be returned to the owners

  8. Crop will be procured within 24 hours and payment in 72 hours to farmers.

 10. AAP will give free electricity to farmers for 12 hours.
  1. Shagun scheme will continue. Shagan of Rs 51,000 will be given during the wedding of a girl; Rs 21,000 in bank on birth of girl child of a farmer.

  2. Atta dal scheme will see 10 lakh more beneficiaries.

  3. Corruption accused ministers of SAD-BJP will face time bound probe.

  4. Old age pension amount will be increased from Rs 500 to Rs 2000 per month.

  5. Pulse farmers will be given payment by government if they didn’t get right price.

  6. Lifetime jail for selling spurious pesticides and milk.

  7. There will be time bound inquiries against ministers.

  8. Rs 5 lakh compensation and job to farmer suicide victim families.

  9. Stray animals will be curbed with the help of panchayats. Stray animals to be taken to shelters in first three months if AAP wins.

  10. Landless labour will be given Rs 2 lakh loan for opening business