AAP bid to usurp absolute power in Delhi failed!



The high court ruled on Thursday that the Lieutenant Governor (LG) is the administrative head of and all decisions taken by its ministers must be communicated to him. This was a major blow to the ruling Aam Aadmi Party () in its power struggle with the central government-appointed official.

Kejriwal and his party have been trying to usurp the absolute power by railing against the reading of Constitutional provisions that make the LG the administrative head of a Union Territory.

The Delhi government had argued that in a democratic set up there cannot be two reporting authorities. The Centre however had contended that as a Union Territory, Delhi was not a full-fledged state, and that control over its government rests in the hands of the Union Home Ministry.

“The Lieutenant Governor is the administrative head of the National Capital Territory,” the Delhi HC declared in its decision on Thursday. “The AAP government’s contention that the LG is bound to act on advice of the council of ministers is without any substance and cannot be accepted,” the HC added.



While AAP makes a valid point that it cannot be held responsible for Delhi Law & Order if it’s not given the relevant powers, the tussle is rooted in Delhi’s unique position as a Union Territory functioning as the National Capital. This status does not give the state government a legal say over important departments like law and order and agencies such as the Delhi Development Authority.

But Kejriwal is not going to stay quiet. His Delhi home minister Satyendar Jain has announce that AAP will challenge the verdict in the Supreme Court. His veritable army of journalists supporters in mainstream media has already started to term the verdict as ‘a slap on Delhi people’ or ‘a rape of democracy’. Kejriwal is not a stranger to vociferously, and sometime violently, attempt to undermine any constitutional clause or court’s ruling that does not fit his world view.