7 Lakh migrants in Chandigarh, most come for work : Census

migrants in Chandigarh

Chandigarh: The city is a magnet for people from other places to come and stay. People are shifting to the City Beautiful mostly for work and employment opportunities, says new census data report released by the registrar general and census commissioner this week. As per the report, in year 2011, more than 7 lakh people were migrants in Chandigarh.
Migrants are those who are settled in a different place and shifted from a previous residence.

According to the report, in the city there were a total 7,08092 migrants in which 3,79261 were men and 3,28381(328831) were women. The report puts the total number of migrants in the entire country at 45.36 crore.

Of the total migrants in city, the report said 2,17939 migrants(201881 men and 16,000(16058) women) had shifted to Chandigarh for the work and employment.

Other reasons for the migrations include business, education, marriage and other. The report stated that a total number of 9,628 people shifted for business purpose, while 29,908 people shifted for education. The second highest reason of migrations to Chandigarh was marriage. Of the total 1,15379 people who migrated to city for marriage, 1,498 were men and 1,13881 were women.

The report also reveals that 61,994 people also moved to city after birth. There were other two lakh migrants were those who moved with household to Chandigarh. As many as 7,1957 people who had migrated to city and were listed “in other category”. The report has also the history of the migrants – as to when they shifted to the city. Of the total number of migrants, the highest number of people shifted in the duration of 10 years which was more 4,20830 people.