5 Reasons why Punjabis are crazy about Pokemon GO?


Pokemon Go is becoming extremely popular in Chandigarh, Amritsar, Ludhiana and other Punjab Cities. Here are the five reasons.

Pokemon 4Tourism:

makes us walk around to catch Pokémons especially at places designated as Pokestops. Some of these Pokestops include malls, shopping centers & cultural landmarks, and destinations. Don’t we Punjabis love these places?



Pokemon52. Health:

Punjabis on average are on the ‘prosperous’ side. This game forces us to leave our chairs and roam outside to catch Pokemons. Even our parents have not been able to make us walk so much.



Pokemon 63.Food:

Punjabis love food and many restaurants and hotels are using Pokémon Go to market their businesses. As you cannot just click from your bed and must physically visit these locations; you will find more variety of food to enjoy.




Of you are single (even otherwise) and on Pokemon hunt, you can easily strike a conversation with others. You can ask what he/she is tracking, or what Pokemons have been caught so far. You can then move on to catching these critters together after Dinner.



5.IllePokemon Go1gal (yet):

While US, Europe have been enjoying the latest sensation Pokemon Go for almost a month, India is yet to officially get this game. And we love breaking any rule that we find nonsensical (that includes almost the whole rule book)