2 years old girl burnt by kidnappers for crying too loud


Amritsar: Three men kidnapped a two years old girl from Khothra village on November 11 with the motive of demanding 50 Lakh Rupees from the family of the victim. Today confessed that they burnt the girl since she would not stop crying. The body of the girl has been found.
Roshni was kidnapped by the three men with covered faces as she was been taken on stroller by her grandfather Ram Dares in front of their house in Khotra village.The three were arrested at a police check-post today when they were coming on a motorcycle. They tried to flee but were overpowered, said the Police.
Goyal Kumar aka Gopi, Harman Kumar aka Happy, Rishi Kumar of Todarpur confessed that the girl who was kidnapped was strangulated the same day and was burnt using the paddy straws to eliminate evidence.

The Police said that the body was recovered near Khotra. A case has been registered against the three under murder, kidnapping, destruction of evidences and criminal conspiracy. Victim’s family protested outside the police station and demanded capital punishment for the perpetrators.