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Relationship Love thy Human

The thing is that people very often are mistaken on the whole concept of love. At least the modern-day lovers are.
The whole “love is doing something that you wish to do without meeting any expectations or having to do anything in return” is redundant to be honest. Why should it be like that?
Either your feelings are not so deep that you don’t from “within” want to do something for your partner which they would do for you in a second.
Or that you wouldn’t do such a thing that your partner would want you to do for them just because you don’t find it necessary enough to put a smile on their face before yours.
In a world full of deceit and cheat show off your partner. Scream and shout and let the world know of who they are, what they mean to you. Post that cheesy selfie with a drooling caption. Smother it with the kiss faces because you need to realise that no other person has been given that right to those things. You’re the only one entitled to. And if not you then who else?
And if, most importantly, your someone is ready to declare their love for you however they can and in every possible way, what’s holding you back? Why not make them feel like they’re your world when you’re definitely theirs.

Why? Because you’re not that kind of a person? Well, they weren’t born that way too. They found someone who wanted them to become that. And if you don’t feel the same way, if you don’t find it important to do those little things for them its better to leave.

Everyone somewhere or the other deserves the love they give. Since the whole purpose of being in love with someone is doing things not suitable to you but what matters the most to the other. It has to be both ways only then would your relationship soar heights.

The biggest misunderstanding is that the reason a picture is posted is supposedly for the world to see. No not always. The whole purpose behind that ‘aawww’ picture with your human and that adorable caption is for your someone to open it up and read it with a heartbreaking smile. Is that so wrong and difficult to do the same? To overwhelm your loved one the same way they do you?

This world is a place where loyalty has gone for a ride and insecurity riding faster than prices of petrol. (Haah!) so if there’s someone out their pouring out their love for you, don’t hold back, because honestly they deserve more than you can give.
Love your human, they are yours for a reason.